Binaural Beats: My First Experience

How I Discovered Binaural Beats

When I first heard about binaural beats I was a skeptic. The idea of listening to some sounds through head phones and experiencing altered states of consciousness and using them for personal and spiritual growth just seemed silly. But at the time I was trying astral project and had no success. Looking for anything that could help me, I decided to give binaural beats a try. Well guess what happened?

Not wanting to waste any money on some gimmick, I began searching for the cheapest binaural beats that I could find. I found a site offering an astral projection binaural beat for about 10 bucks. Seemed like a pretty good deal so I went ahead and purchased it. I went to bed that night, threw on my head phones, and began practicing astral projection techniques with full hopes that it was going to work.

The next thing I know I open my eyes and saw that it was now morning. I had fallen asleep with no success. A little bummed but still determined, I attempted to try the binaural beat recording again the next night. Again, no results. Over the course of the next two weeks I listened to that binaural beat recording every single day and not once did I feel anything. Coming to the conclusion that I had just got scammed, I deleted the recording and figured binaural beats were a joke.

About a year later a friend of mine had brought up the subject of binaural beats. I explained to him my terrible experience with them and how I didn't believe they worked but he was convinced otherwise. He described to me all of the different experiences he had and how wonderful of a tool they were for his spiritual development. He said that my bad binaural beat experience was due to a poor quality recording. Still a non-believer, he finally convinced me to try out the binaural beat recordings from his favorite sites.

I had been getting into meditation for awhile but was having trouble clearing my thoughts. I could never reach the blissful state of deep meditation that I wanted-at least not for any prolonged amount of time before my circus mind would interrupt me. Anytime I got even close I would realize it and snap out of that state. I decided to give the meditation binaural beat a try hoping that this would help. I sat down in my meditation space, threw on my head phones, played the binaural beats, and began my journey. Little did I know what I was about to experience.

The first few minutes of my meditation was completely normal. I was still sorting through my thoughts and trying to focus on nothing but the sounds of the binaural beats. About three minutes into it I realized that I had just completely zoned out and reached a semi-deep state lasting for about 30 seconds. Reaching this state was not a big deal. What was a big deal was that it happened so quickly. Usually it would take a good 10 minutes before I would reach these 30 second intervals of deep states.

After about 15 minutes of listening to the binaural beats I reached the deepest state of meditation that I had ever been in. It's truly indescribable and something that can only be experienced to understand it. What was so strange was that I would recognize that I was in this deep state but instead of snapping out of it like I would normally do, I was able to focus my thoughts and instantly get right back into it to reach deeper levels.

I was beginning to lose complete realization of my body when I began to experience intense vibrations. It started from my head and worked its way down until my entire body was pulsating. I knew that this is what one experiences when astral projecting but not wanting to lose my deep state of meditation, I tried to remain calm and keep focusing on the binaural beats.

After these vibrations were going on for about 10 minutes, which at this point were extremely intense, I experienced what some might call complete nothingness. It was the most peaceful and benevolent state of mind I had ever been in. Awareness of my surroundings and my body was completely gone, but at the same time I was completely aware of everything. Only those that have experienced it will fully understand it. Once I reached this point it literally felt like time had completely stopped.

I would have stayed in this deep state much longer but my dog, who was under the bed, shook and made a loud noise snapping me out of it. I looked at the time and realized I had been meditating for an hour and a half. The longest of any of my meditations by far. I got up and went to the bathroom collecting my thoughts on what I had just experienced. Is what was so crazy is that I was still experiencing the vibrations. They lasted for a half hour slowly becoming less and less intense until they finally wore off.

I had finally reached the deep state of meditation that I had read about and always new existed. What all of the experienced meditators had tried to describe but could only be understood from experience. What would have taken years of practice I accomplished almost instantly. This was the moment that I realized the power of binaural beats.

Since this time I use binaural beats on an almost day-to-day basis. Trying everything from getting rid of headaches to improving psychic powers. They have dramatically helped me through the years and have given me some of the greatest experiences I have ever had. Even to this day binaural beats never cease to amaze me.
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