How Do Binaural Beats Work?

The Technology Behind Binaural Beats

So now that you know what binaural beats are let's look into how they work. The more you understand about binaural beats the more you will know how to use them and discover their full power.

As said earlier, everything that we do and everything we experience our brains are operating at a certain frequency. When we are happy, sad, angry, energetic, etc... are brains are at a specific frequency. Also when we are sleeping, dreaming, and awake our brains are at a certain frequency. Binaural beats influence these frequencies and allow us to achieve these altered states on demand.

How do they do this? Well the human ear is unable to hear frequencies that are under 20Hz. The problem is that the most powerful brainwave frequencies are under this. In order to get past this problem scientists have discovered and created binaural beats. Let's say that you want the brain to achieve a frequency of 10Hz. In order to accomplish this binaural beats will play a tone with a frequency of 500Hz in the left ear and a tone with 510Hz in the right ear. The way that our brain works causes us to compensate for the difference and create a brainwave frequency of exactly 10Hz

How Binaural Beats Work

So how do we know what brainwave frequencies produce what effect? There has been extensive studies conducted to determine the brainwave frequency range and the associated behaviors/mental states. These brainwave studies have produced incredible results that link the metaphysical abilities to the exact frequencies. Binaural beats are engineered so that the brain will achieve the exact frequency desired.

Even to this day, binaural beat research continues. New tools are coming out to assist people in realizing their dreams and leading better, more empowered lives. Are you ready to discovery binaural beats?
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