Are All Binaural Beats The Same?

The Differences in the Binaural Beat Recordings

There are a variety of different things that binaural beats can be used for. A lot of people ask if there is any difference between the recordings or if they are basically the same and just labeled differently. This is not the case.

Binaural Beats

Each binaural beat is designed for a specific purpose and has specific frequencies inside of each one to fulfill that purpose. They are all completely different from each other.

There are 4 main frequency classifications and each one has a large range of frequencies to choose from. Each frequency produces a different effect. A quick example is 4.1 Hz and 6.1 Hz frequencies. They are both inside the Theta Range, but exhibit totally different characteristics. Also, as studies have show, different combinations of frequencies cause many different documented brain reactions. This is how they are able to produce binaural beats with so many different uses.

There are some sites out there that you have to look out for though. They will use duplicate poor quality binaural beat recordings and try to sell them to you with different labels. These sites are a scam and should be completely avoided. This is why I test out all of the binaural beat sites before recommending them.