Free Binaural Beat and Mind Tips From The Unexplainable Store

A Free Binaural Beat Sample

So you've heard me talk about The Unexplainable Store and recommend them for their great service and top quality binaural beats. I know a lot of you out there have already tried them out and are extremely satisfied with the results. But for those of you who want to experience the power of these binaural beats before deciding to buy them--and the 60 day money back guarantee isn't enough--The Unexplainable Store offers you a free binaural beat to keep and test out for yourself before deciding if they are right for you. To make things even better, the free binaural beat comes with mind tips that teach you how to effectively use each one of their recordings and a free monaural beat and isochronic tone recording to try out.

The free binaural beat, monaural beat, and isochronic tone are 10 minute recordings which bring you through the Alpha and Theta brainwave frequencies. They are not for one specific goal, but allow you to take a ride through some of the ranges. The main purpose of these samples is to let you feel the power for yourself and decide which type of brainwave entrainment is right for you--binaural beats, monaural beats, or isochronic tones.

To get your free binaural beat, monaural beat, or isochronic tone then visit The Unexplainable Store and sign up today!

Every few days they will send you a mind tip or technique which will contain valuable information that you can start using immediately! You will be receiving the most powerful and effective brain tips and practice techniques known to man! Their updates will cover many different aspects of the brain, and instructions on how to unleash your internal power that we all posseses.

Here is an example of the small and simple mind tips you will recieve from The Unexplainable Store:

"In order to use your brain's power to it's fullest extent, you must believe! Plain and simple. If you do not believe in your brain's power, your brain will not exhibit these powers! You create your own destiny, and you control the abilities your brain can attain. Set your goals high and never let negative thoughts bring you down. Once your brain is programmed with negativity, it is extremely hard to break this cycle.

You must understand you have the ability to do whatever you want and believe it with all your heart. This sounds simple enough, but you would be amazed on how many people try to unlock the powers of the brain, then come to the conclusion that they can't do it. YES YOU CAN!

Now that we covered the base building block, we will be progressing into the first subject. Manifestation!

"Your thoughts are a perfect reflection of what is in the process of happening". This has been preached since the beginning of time, but few really understand and believe the power of manifestation. You have the power to make your life the way you want. Wealth, Love, Happiness, and Success can all be achieved by manifesting your thoughts."

This is just one small example on the subject of manifestation. As you can see you will recieve many valuable tips that will help make your life much simpler and profound. Using the mind tips that you recieve and the binaural beats from The Unexplainable Store you will be will on your way to living the life you have always dreamed of and experience a world that you never imagined existed.

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