Free Binaural Beats

Experience Binaural Beats for Free

Here at Binaural and Beats we have provided you with a large selection of free binaural beats. These free recordings are a great opportunity for you to try them out for yourself and see if binaural beats are right for you. So sit back and relax, find a comfortable spot, throw on some headphones and enjoy.

*Coming soon will be a way for you to download these free binaural beats to your computer so that you can listen to them wherever you like.

*Binaural and Beats is currently being updated with more free recordings. Check back soon for more videos.

Coming Soon: Basic Brainwave Frequencies

The Basic Brainwave Frequency playlist provides free binaural beats that are designed to take you through each brainwave frequency. This allows you to experience what each one feels like. Each recording is not designed for any specific purpose but takes your brainwaves through the entire frequency group.

Free Beta Binaural Beat - This binaural beat starts off at 14Hz and slowly works its way up to 28Hz. Designed to wake you up and keep you alert if you are feeling groggy.

Free Alpha Binaural Beat - Takes you from 14Hz down to 7.9Hz throughout the recording. Great for relaxing, improving concentration, memory, and intense focusing.

Free Theta Binaural Beat - Get put into a deep relaxed state with these binaural beats designed to take you from 7.9Hz down to 4Hz. Great for meditation, improving creativity, and aiding with emotional issues.

Free Delta Binaural Beat - Starts off at a higher frequency so the brain can entrain to the binaural beat easier and then takes you from 4Hz down to 1Hz. Great for falling asleep, improving immune system, tapping into the subconscious, and loss of physical surroundings and body awareness.

Transcending Wave Binaural Beats Meditation

Let the sounds of the ocean waves crashing on the shore combined with binaural beats to guide you to a transcending state of consciousness. Extremely relaxing and soothing taking your brainwaves down to the low Alpha and High theta Frequencies.

Deep Wave Meditation Binaural Beats

This free binaural beat is designed to take you to a deep level of meditation bordering between alpha and theta brainwave frequencies. Using the sounds of ocean waves, peaceful music, and enriching affirmations, you will go on an incredible journey reaching a deep state of zen and peace.

Free Shumann's Resonance Binaural Beats

Schumann's Resonance is the frequency of the earth's magnetic field. This binaural beat synchronizes your brainwaves with the natural earth's energy creating a very refreshing affect. After using this recording many experience feeling balanced, aligned, energized, rejuvenated, and cleansed. It's also the same frequency found in spiritual and energy healers while they are performing their practice. This frequency is also known to open you up to paranormal activity.

Whole-Brain Functioning Binaural Beats

Whole-brain functioning is where both sides of the brain are synchronized and working together to reach an evolved state of thinking. This free binaural beat is designed to induce the beginning stages of this amazing phenomenon combining creative insight with analytical processing.

Binaural Beats Thunderstorm Meditation

This free binaural beat is designed to take you on an incredible meditation journey guided by thunderstorms and soft peaceful music. It will take you down to the low Alpha and high Theta brainwave frequencies reaching peaceful relaxation and heightened awareness.