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Free Binaural Beats at Sleep Winks

Getting the Best Nights Sleep You Have Ever Had With Free Binaural Beats

If you are looking for free binaural beats for sleeping and taking power naps then you should definitely try out Sleep Winks. I was actually surprised when I tried out these binaural beats because they are extremely good quality for being completely free. But then again, these free binaural beats are from the same makers of My Mind Shift who offer top quality personal development binaural beats, so I could expect nothing less from them.


This free binaural beat sleeping package comes with three 60 minute binaural beat recordings:

1. Binaural Beats Relax Readiness

Not designed to put you to sleep but to put you in an extremely relaxed state. This is good to use a few hours before bed to wind down.

2. Binaural Beats Sleeping Slumber

Within 10 mintes of listening to you will be out like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

3. Binaural Beats 20 Winks

Designed to put you in a relaxed state and help you fall asleep and then raises the frequencies to help you wake up within the hour feeling refreshed.

These free binaural beats are perfect for getting a good nights sleep or a refreshed nap no matter what the circumstances. Another great thing is that 5 hours of good quality sleep is much better than getting 8-9 hours of bad quality sleep. With the Sleeping Slumber you will knock out and probably get one of the best nights sleep you have ever had allowing you to sleep less and get more done during the day. They are completely free with no strings attached so give them a try and let me know what you think.

Grab your 3 free binaural beats from Sleep Winks!

Sleep Winks Reviews:

Melody Wigdahl:

These audios are truly amazing.

I have never needed a lot of sleep - but I have always had problems getting the brain to 'shut down' for even a few hours.

From the first night - 'Super Slumber' allowed me to drift off to a GOOD solid 5 hrs of sleep, and to awaken refreshed and fully recharged.

Thank you

Sharyn Anderson:

Works a treat every time, thank you so much, best nights sleep in a long time.

Molly Ann Gracie:

I downloaded your amazing binaural beats and listened to "Super Slumber" before bedtime. And for the first time in about a year, I slept a full uninterrupted 8 hours, and felt totally refreshed when I awoke, and even vividly remembered a dream for a change. Many thanks
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