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The Unexplainable Store

A Complete Review of The Unexplainable Store Binaural Beats

The Unexplainable Store is not only my favorite place for getting binaural beats, they are one of the top sites recommended by others. This is because of their great service, top quality binaural beats, competitive prices, and wide selection of products. When it comes to metaphysical binaural beats, no other site compares to Unexplainable.

Unexplainable Store Binaural Beats
The Unexplainable Store is the number one place for improving your meditations, turning your dreams into reality, transcending your consciousness, helping you personally and spiritually grow, and so much more.

Great Service

When dealing with various binaural beat sites, I found that The Unexplainable Store provides just about the best customer service out there. They fully back up all of their products and make sure their customers are 100% satisfied. They don't just sell binaural beats and leave you to figure out how to use them. When you sign up to their newsletter not only do you get a free binaural beat sample, they provide you with mind tips that teach you how to use each one of their binaural beats every week.

Top Quality Binaural Beats

Like I've said before, your entire binaural beat experience depends on the quality of the recordings you use. With The Unexplainable Store you never have to worry about this. They create their very own recordings with frequencies that have been extensively researched and studied by the Monroe Institution.

All of their recordings are in 320 Bitrate and compressed as little as possible to preserve the best quality. This means that you can burn them to CD's and convert them to media player formats without compromising the quality. All recordings are delivered in an MP3 file than can be played on your computer, ipod, or MP3 player.

Competitive Prices

The Unexplainable Store offers binaural beats at a much lower price than most of their competition. The reason for this? Well here is an actual quote from the founder of The Unexplainable Store:

"We operate in Good Nature, and are not out to overcharge anyone. We consider all of our products to be of Positive Benefit and we bask in joyful feelings when we help people. Many other vendors charge more for shorter recordings of less quality, but we give you more for less! We do this because we know that most of our customers return to purchase additional products. We would rather gain your trust and have you as a repeat customer than make a quick buck one time by overcharging you."

As you can see, The Unexplainable Store is not just another place selling binaural beats, but a place that understands the power and benefits of binaural beats and truly wants to help people with them.

Wide Selection of Products

The Unexplainable Store provides one of the largest selection of binaural beat products available. They have just about everything that you can think of. From lucid dreaming to manifestation, weight loss to telepathy, you can find what your looking for. They also sell monaural beats and isochronic tones if you are interested in trying those.

Free Bonuses

Another great thing about the unexplainable store is that when you purchase a binaural beat from them you will receive over 75$ in free bonuses. Here is a list of the bonuses:

Practical Lessons in Yoga
Yoga Lessons
118 Pages and a $39 Value yours for free
This is a great book and is defiantly worth $40 dollars.
It has practical exercises and lessons in yoga and chakra meditation. It teaches you how to unlock the full power of your chakras so that you can easily overcome disease, obstacle, pain, or unhappiness of any kind.

This is one of the best books available on yoga and chakras. It was written by the Himalayan master, Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati, founder of the Divine Life Society.

Secret Powers of Gemstones and Crystals Ebook Secret Powers of Gemstones

$29 dollar value yours for free
Another great book provided by the unexplainable store. There is hidden power inside of gemstones and crystals and this guide teaches you how to use them. Gemstones and crystals are some of the greatest aids available to awakening your chakras true power.

This guide to gemstones and crystals lists every possible stone ever known to wield special powers. In this book you will learn things like:

The ancient and modern properties of crystals and gemstones

•The healing properties of crystals and gemstones

•How to choose your crystals and gemstones

•How to care for your crystals and gemstones

•The use of crystals and gemstones in Chakra meditation and therapy

Find answers to such questions as:

•Why do crystals gemstones have power?

•How do you use them effectively?

•How do you heal with crystals & gemstones?

•Should you share your crystals & gemstones

•...And much more

If you have ever been curious about this subject or you want to learn more, then this is the book to have. I had already searched other bookstores for a book on this subject and I found very little information and no good quality books. This book far exceeds any book you will find on the subject.


As I've promised you, I only recommend sites that come with a 100% money back guarantee and The Unexplainable Store is no different. You can feel fully confident in your purchase from The Unexplainable Store knowing that if you are not fully satisfied in any way, you will get a full refund. There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What Others Are Saying

Here are just a few actual testimonies from people who have tried products from The Unexplainable Store:

Product- Hypnosis
"I just wanted to say that this recording had many profound effects while I was using it.I felt as though my body had a lead x-ray blanket put on. I was aware of my thoughts (or it could have been my will/spirit) but the rest was so relaxing that I "felt" ready for suggestions. I now use this recording before I use my suggestion recordings as a sort of "supplement" to them. It may take 30 minutes longer, BUT I now KNOW that I will have things written to my subconscious. These recording are absolutely magnificent and I expect many great things!
- Alex W

Astral Projection
"I have meditated on and off for most of my life and have had some interesting experiences. I down loaded your astral projection package last evening and found it amazing! In just one session I was able to confirm that what I experienced years ago and which took much practice was astral projection. What a great product! It took me to a level of meditation that I was only able to achieve with years of practice in just one session. Not to mention that when researching binaural beat recordings your was by far the most affordable and convenient. I look forward to using more of your products." - Wes W

Deep Sleep
"These products are good. Initially I thought these things were there to fleece people out of money but after purchasing "Deep sleep" for the heck of it and trying out, I was amazed. I could feel the nerves in my brain relax and unwind as the brainwaves were altered. So, I guess, I was wrong about binaural technology. It does aid in therapeutic treatment to cure insomnia, sleep apnea, and fatigue. I just listened to it for one session and I felt, I slept for a few hours. Then I listened to it again and finally drifted into sleep. I also bought Spirit guide as I am a bit spiritually inclined. I will buy other beats for sure and also recommend my friends into this." -Shreeram B

"I have been reading about binaural beats for a while now and they really work. I have bought the ESP/Psychic recording and plan to buy more. As long as you believe you wont be disappointed." -Max Mason

The Best Place to Buy

As you can see, The Unexplainable Store is one of the best places to get binaural beats. I recommend this site with full confidence that you will not be dissapointed. With Unexplainable's money back guarantee, un-matched service, and top quality binaural beats, there has not been a better time to experience the power of binaural beats.

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