What Will I Experience When Using Binaural Beats

Binaural Beat Effects

The way that binaural beats effects each person is different. The more that you experiment with them, the more that you will understand how they directly effect you and how to use them to accommodate your needs in order to get the best experience.

binaural beat experiences

Let's look at the factors that determine what you will experience when using binaural beats:

1. Which Binaural Beats You Use

Now of course your experience is mainly dependent on what type of binaural beats you use. If you're using a sleeping binaural beat you won't experience the same thing as using an energy boost binaural beat. Although these are completely obvious there are some that are not, like improving your health binaural beats and weight loss binaural beats. These will be harder to distinguish and tell apart and usually takes some time before you feel the benefits of them.

2. Where You Get Your Binaural Beats

Another huge factor that determines what you will experience is where you buy your binaural beats. As you can read from my first binaural beat experience I learned this the hard way. I used a poor quality recording and because of it I almost completely missed out on the benefits of binaural beats. This is why I only recommend best binaural beats that I know work.

3. How Long You Listen To Binaural Beats

Now this varies from person to person but generally it takes about 8 minutes before the binaural beats begin to take full effect and shift our brainwave frequencies. For some people it may only take 30 seconds and for others it could take up to 30 minutes. Some minds are more open to suggestion while some minds are more stubborn.

4. How Much Focus You Have When Using Binaural Beats

Even though binaural beats mainly target the subconscious mind, they still require a certain amount of focus. The more focus you have the quicker and more effective the binaural beats will work. All of the good quality binaural beats will usually help you focus by putting your brainwave frequencies into a more open and focused state before implementing the desired frequencies.

5. How You Use Binaural Beats

If you don't use binaural beats correctly then the only thing you will experience is frustration. It doesn't matter how great the binaural beat recordings are or how open you are to them, they won't work. To ensure that every person gets the best experience, I have written a guide to using binaural beats. If you follow this then you should have no problem.

These are the main determining factors of your binaural beat experience, but as I have said before, it can vary from person to person. Some will have extremely intense experiences after the first time using them and some will experience more mild effects requiring more time.

Due to the fact that each binaural beat is different, it would take way to long to explain each experience on one page. Some will put you in an extremely relaxed state of mind while others will make you fully awake and aware. Some will relieve stress and anxiety while others will relieve pain and headaches. Some binaural beats will separate your conscious mind from your physical body while others will improve your psychic abilities. But whatever it is that you want to experience with binaural beats you can learn all about them on this site.