Whole-Brain Functioning and Binaural Beats

An Evolved State of Thought Process with Binaural Beats

For the average person the brain does not function as a whole but is separated by two opposite sides - the right and left hemisphere - where each side performs differently, and one is usually out of sync or more dominant than the other. This imbalance of the cerebal cortex - the higher functioning of the brain - is called brain lateralization. A theory that helps us understand our personality, behavior, way of thinking when performing certain tasks, and much more.

Whole-brain functioning and Binaural Beats

Our genetics, family environment, and childhood experiences all affect our "brain dominance" - the tendency to act and think dominantly in the mode of either the left or right hemisphere of the brain. Depending on which side of our brains are more dominant, it will affect our entire thought process, the way we learn, analyze information, react to different situations, and basically determines how we perceive reality.

Here are the different characteristics of the right and left hemisphere of the brain and each sides general purpose. (This list is for right-handed people, for lefties this information is reversed.)

Right-Brain Dominant
  • Intuitive
  • Creative
  • Subjective
  • Feelings
  • Emotions
  • Daydreaming
  • Humor
  • Spontaneous
  • Risk-Taking
  • Flexibility
  • Visualizing
  • Senses
  • Learning by Experiences
  • Holistic Perspective
  • Mysticism
  • Spirituality

Left-Brain Dominant
  • Analytical
  • Mathematical
  • Logic
  • Rational
  • Discipline
  • Knowledge
  • Goals
  • Organizing
  • Productivity
  • Stability
  • Structure
  • Reasoning
  • Abstractions
  • Management
  • Objective
  • Education

Just by glancing over this list you probably have already noticed your own dominating side. Although both sides have their pros and cons, internal conflicts arise by being single-hemisphere dominant. For example, a right-brain dominant person may find it difficult to stay organized, arrive on time, remain efficient, and stay productive. A left-brain dominant person would have no problem with these things but they would have trouble coming up with new ideas, finding solutions to certain problems, and thinking outside the box.

Although there is nothing inherently wrong with this way of thinking, many situations in life require the strength from both sides of the brain. You can easily see how someone with all the traits of both hemispheres will have a much higher advantage over those who don't.

Well over the past two decades scientists have been studying a phenomenon known as whole-brain functioning - when both the left and right hemisphere of the brain are synchronized and working co-operatively to reach an evolved state of thought process. Research has shown that the most successful and advanced individuals in the world, regardless of their expertise - art, sports, business, science, spirituality, etc. - all show a high degree of whole-brain functioning.

When your whole brain is synchronized this opens you to new awareness which provides increased mental clarity, creativity, insight, learning ability, problem solving, and memory. As both sides of the brain are being used at once you become a creative problem solver where a variety of different techniques can be used to arrive at a better solution. Once the brain is operating at this higher level of functioning, you become a more aware, alert, and conscious individual creating a new and improved perception of reality.

So how can binaural beats help you achieve whole-brain functioning?

Well research has shown that whole-brain functioning is linked directly to our brainwave frequencies. When one side of our brain is greatly dominating the other, our brainwaves are operating at a much higher frequency.

As our brainwaves begin to slow down from Beta to Alpha, the two hemispheres of our brain begin to communicate with each other and become more synchronized. As they continue to slow down from Alpha to Theta, the gap between the two hemispheres closes and the brain begins to operate as a whole. Once we reach the Delta frequencies, both sides of the brain will merge into a single brainwave pattern causing true whole-brain functioning.

Now of course this will do us no good in our everyday lives if the only time we can access the power of whole-brain functioning is when we are using binaural beats and in a deep meditative state. But this is not how our brain works.

Further research has shown that the more time the two hemispheres of the brain are synchronized and working together, while in the lower frequencies, the more they will continue to stay balanced and work as a whole during normal waking consciousness.

It's like practicing for a race. The more you train the better you get. The mind is no different. The more you exercise and train your mind the better and sharper it gets.

If you visit our free binaural beats you will find a recording that is specifically designed for inducing the beginning stages of whole-brain functioning.

Binaural beats are training wheels for the mind. The more that you use them the more evolved and advanced your mind becomes. Reaching the lower brainwave frequencies becomes easier and easier, and tapping into the power of whole-brain functioning throughout your everyday life becomes much simpler.