Creativity Binaural Beats

Bringing out the Creative Spirit with Binaural Beats

Denying the fact that you’re a creative person is denying to be human. We are all born with a limitless creative spirit, it just takes a little self-realization to find it. We are brought up in a society that feeds off of conformity, rule-followers, criticizers, analyzers, and people that all think exactly alike - the enemy of creativity. If you want to overcome this enemy and bring out the creative spirit, you must learn how to strip down the mental blocks that society has fabricated and learn how to ‘go against the brain.’

creativity binaural beats
The greatest attribute of being human is the ability to create - making something that was non-existent manifest into reality. The most influential and brilliant thinkers of all time were successful because of their ability to tap into the creative side of their brain. It’s the creative spirit that individualizes us, determines our success, and separates us from all other species. The more we express this creativity the more evolved we become.

Creativity and the Brain

We’ve all had those ‘Aha!’ moments where everything just clicks and a great idea or thought instantly manifests itself in our mind. It‘s almost as if we‘ve just reached out and grabbed it from some external force. These spontaneous moments are the foundation of all our creativity. In a study published in a 2004 issue of PloS Biology, scientists found that this creative moment is caused by a surge of electrical activity in the right temporal lobe of the brain. Before we have these creative insights, our brainwave frequencies are in a lower state. One-third of a second before we experience these ‘Aha!’ moments, there are sudden bursts of high brainwave frequencies.

The research also shows that creative thinking prompts distinct changes in brain activity that doesn’t occur under normal analytic processing. This is why it can be so difficult for people to be creative. Thinking analytically while trying to create causes mental blocks that inhibit any chance of inventiveness. We are in our most creative state when we are sleeping because the analytical side of our brain shuts down allowing the creative side to take over.

Creativity Binaural Beats

In order to bring out the creative spirit we must learn how to shut down all analytical processing and let the ideas flow out of us. To bring out our most creative essence we must shift our state of mind to an almost dream-like trance. Creativity binaural beats entrain our brainwaves to reach this exact state. They are not some magical force that gives us unlimited inspiration, but put us in the correct state were we can access the deepest levels of our very own inspiration. You will realize then that the only limitation you have to your creativity is your own self-inflicted doubts.

Using Creativity Binaural Beats

The more we access the deep levels of our creativity the easier it is to find inspiration in ourselves whenever we need it. The more we use creativity binaural beats the more evolved and inspired we become. So whether you’re looking for a quick fix of creativity or you’re wanting to hone your creative skills, just throw on some headphones and binaural beats will bring out the Picasso in you.

Where to Get Creative Binaural Beats

The Unexplainable Store carries four different types of creative binaural beats. They are Creative Balancer, Problem Solver, Creative Free Flow, and Creative Visualization all designed to suit any of your creative needs.

My Mind ShiftMy Mind Shift has created a binaural beat called Centered Creativity designed to increase your innate creativeness. This audio is included in a package with 13 powerful binaural beats that all work great.