Automatic Writing Binaural Beats

Contacting the Other Side With Automatic Writing Binaural Beats

When first attempting to perform automatic writing it can be a very difficult and frustrating process. We can easily become distracted, have trouble believing that it actually works, become too surprised or frightened to continue once we realize it works, or try to analyze what were writing causing our conscious mind to interfere. A combination of these things cause most people to give up before ever experiencing a successful session. Automatic writing binaural beats are a great way to overcome these natural problems.

automatic writing binaural beats

What is Automatic Writing

Automatic writing, also known as psycography, is a form of channeling where a person enters a trance-like meditative state and attempts to write without any conscious thought or control. The writers hands convey the message without any knowledge about what will be written. It's the simplest and most basic form of mediumship - where a human is used as an instrument for higher spiritual connections to our realm.

Automatic writing can also be a tool for self discovery, creative insight, and inspiration. Many writers use it as a way to overcome mental blocks. This same process is not just limited to writing as it can be used in the same way for art such as drawing, painting, and even composing music. Some people have written entire books and blogs and their best masterpieces have come from automatic writing.

Benefits of Automatic Writing

Besides being a great overall experience and tool for beginning and advance psychics, or anyone for that matter, there are many benefits of practicing this form of mediumship such as:
  • Connecting with your spirit guides

  • Talking to deceased loved ones

  • Finding answers to certain situations

  • Gaining insightful knowledge about your career

  • Making the right choices in your love life

  • Predicting the future

  • Transforming your life and getting on the right spiritual path

How to use Automatic Writing Binaural Beats

Unless you can type just as naturally and quick as you can write, I would suggest using a pen and paper for your automatic writing sessions, especially if you're just starting out. Most people find this more easy as it requires less thought intervention. It's best to get a notebook specifically for these sessions. This also allows you to easily keep a record of all your previous writings.

If you're sad, depressed, angry, or have any negative emotions then you should never perform automatic writing or any form of mediumship for that matter. If you feel uncomfortable during your session then you should stop immediately. When you're vibrating at these lower frequencies you will usually attract lower vibrating spirits that do not have the best intentions.

Get in a quiet comfortable place free of distractions. It helps set the mood if you dim the lights and light a candle, preferably a white candle - this is the color of spiritual development and protection. Before you begin you should have your intentions set on what you're hoping to accomplish or learn from the session, but be ready to accept whatever comes. You should meditate to the automatic writing binaural beats for at least 5 minutes before attempting to write anything but if you feel the connection before this then go ahead and begin.

Hold your pen to the paper and drift away to the sounds of the binaural beats. If you are in a deep enough trance then you will not even notice that your hand is writing anything down. Don't be surprised to look down and see that you have filled up an entire page. If you do feel your hand moving then try not to pay any attention to it as doing so too much will break the connection and interfere with the message. The binaural beats will help keep you in the altered state required for automatic writing though so you shouldn't have to worry about it.

Sometimes, especially when you're first starting out, you will notice that you have written a bunch of gibberish - run on sentences, misspelled words, single letters, numbers, even random doodling. As long as you didn't consciously write it then you know it's coming from somewhere else. Also don't discredit anything as you might not fully understand it yet. It's always fun to look back at your writings a couple months later and say, "ah ha, now I get it."

With enough practice your sessions will become much more effective, focused, and clear. Once you learn how to successfully automatic write without objectification or analyzing with conscious thought, and you allow yourself to be fully embraced by the higher spiritual connections, then you can ask questions, ask for guidance, predictions, or whatever you want.